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Brigantine Homes Beach Block



Start Your Brigantine Home Search Here! Brigantine Island is a lovely beach and bay jewel.  Once somewhat hidden in the shadow of Atlantic City and other shore points further south, Brigantine is continuing its storied evolution. The construction of the Borgata and the real estate boom a few years back rocketed property values and also changed the chemistry of the island (new condos next to rustic and small bungalows).

And as the real estate cycle demanded higher values, a wave of new construction entered the local market. The bring-down of the old bungalow homes were replaced with the higher profile new homes. Brigantine continues to transition. After years of seeking a balance, Brigantine is coming to grips with its new reality — second homes, tourism, and its new position as a bona-fide Jersey Shore Destination. The debate continues. From a pure economic view, the strategy is working. The reconstruction of Brigantine continues — robustly, more second homes and more tourism has equaled higher property values.


Brigantine Beach

  • Swimming is permitted at the beaches from June 15th to Labor Day during the hours of 10:00 am – 5:30 pm, while the lifeguards are on duty.
  • 4 Wheel on the Beach.   Yes, one of the few beaches that allow 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles.  Must get your permit.
  • Dogs on the Beach. From October 1st to May 29th, dogs are allowed on the South Beach so long they are on a leash.  Dogs are allowed on the North-End Beach any time.
  • Surfing is permitted at many beach locations.


Here’s a real walk down memory lane! Rising out of the ocean was the enormous gray and wildly popular haunted house attraction…the famous Brigantine Castle. Its original location was at the pier on the corner of 14th Street and Brigantine Avenue. Even more amazing actual construction of the castle only took 4 months! Click Here to see the Original Television Commercial!

Brigantine CastleConstructed in 1976 by visionary and marketing genius Carmen Ricci, the castle drew millions of visitors annually. The castle was too successful! Ridiculous…Right? Due to huge attendance — spurred by an excellent marketing plan, including great television commercials…I can still here the pipe organ in my head! — The castle was a victim of its own success.

The castle’s popularity lead to its speedy demise. First were complaints of crowds larger than sanitation facilities could accommodate. Next the municipality somehow was successful is forcing ownership to reduce tv marketing? Then higher safety standards stemming from a deadly fire at Great Adventure created the need to upgrade the general safety standards of the castle.  Then a devastating storm in 1982 damaged the pier and castle.

These events caused the closure of the castle in 1984. Mr. Ricci sold it in 1987.  And later that year, under new ownership and just prior to demolition, the pier and castle burnt to the ground. All that remains are pylons protruding out of the ocean on 14th Street and memories of one of the greatest haunted attractions…”EVER!” on the East Coast.



  • The City is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Brigantine Inlet, Absecon Inlet and inland waterways.Brigantine Lighthouse
  • The island is 6.39 square miles in area, half of which is owned by the State of New Jersey under the Green Acres Program.
  • The Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, a 20,000-acre national park, lies three miles northwest of the City.
  • The Brigantine Hotel, still standing on the Atlantic coast side of the island, was an early integrated hotel starting in the 1940s.
  • Brigantine Lighthouse – Constructed by the Island Development Real Estate Company in 1926 as part of an effort to attract residents to the island, the structure was too far from shore and too low to be used as a functioning lighthouse.
  • Marine Mammal Stranding Center – Established in 1978. its the state’s only marine stranding center. The center rehabilitates and releases stranded marine mammals. SOme of the rescued animals are: whales, dolphins, seals, and sea turtles.


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Brigantine Bridge

The only road to and from Brigantine is New Jersey Route 87, locally known as Brigantine Boulevard. The Justice Vincent S. Haneman Memorial Bridge is the only way on and off the island. The original bridge to the island that was constructed in 1924 was destroyed in the Great Atlantic Hurricane of 1944. The current bridge was constructed in 1972.

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Welcome to BrigantineThe Brigantine Public Schools serves students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Schools in the district are Brigantine. Elementary School serving grades PreK-4 and Brigantine North Middle School serving grades 5-8 (246 students). Students in public school for ninth through twelfth grades attend Atlantic City High School in neighboring Atlantic City, as part of sending and receiving relationships with the Atlantic City School District.
Basic City services are police and fire protection, street lighting, road and park maintenance, recreation and playgrounds, snow removal, building and zoning regulation and any emergency services. Brigantine also provides residential solid waste disposal, recycling, yard waste, and bulky items curbside removal. Brigantine residents have public water and sewer service which is owned and operated by the City.