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A DIFFERENT WAY OF LIFE Causeway Bridge Ocean City

Droves of weekend commuters come down just to get a glimpse. Some visit for the week. The boldest amongst us just surrender to the feeling — they just uproot and stay forever! And why not? Ocean City is a very special place. Remember the anticipation that you felt as a child going down to the Jersey Shore? Well, for some, that never leaves. Those feelings are rooted in the soul of so many, that the place becomes intrinsic to who we are.

When visiting other shore towns and making a comparison, it becomes clear that Ocean City is different. Same Atlantic Ocean, but the view is more stunning. Same white sand beach, but its cleaner and more picturesque. Same back bay but the new Causeway Bridge, a monumental engineering feat, its more grand than any other gateway bridge. To some, Family Friendly never goes out of style. And that is the focus of Ocean City, to do it friendlier, bigger, tidier, and bolder than any other shore town. Take a look around. Mission Accomplished!


Ocean City — City HallAny stay in Ocean City is too short, just ask the “Locals” — year round residents as their known. Most of the Locals began as day trippers or weekly summer guests, but the Locals are bolder, they have infinite wisdom — they made the move and decided to stay — permanently! Isn’t that the dream of most who visit New Jersey’s answer to utopia? There are roughly 25,000 Locals. Most enjoy the jolt of energy the tourism season brings, but savor the mild quiet seasons — they will tell you first hand that Ocean City is especially lovely in October and April!

This is how you can tell the Locals from the guests — They are regular attendees at Ocean City Hall. The Locals love the seagulls — but never feed them. They never get parking tickets. They own a bike, Locals don’t rent. The bicycle directive “on your right” is ostensibly owned by the Locals when passing boardwalk guests in vacation sleep-walk mode!  And of course they have the best tans! The locals are typically pleasant to talk with, calm and confident, and have an aura of street smarts. Smart they are — after-all, they did decide to live here!

GREEN AND BLUEOcean City Beach

Ocean City is a green community. Its evident on the beaches, throughout the Downtown, and on the Boardwalk. Dozens of blue recycling containers line the Boardwalk, many municipal buildings are solar powered, and the iconic beach tractor with beach comber in tow, are all too familiar. Blue laws remain in effect prohibiting the sale of alcohol within the city limits. Ocean City’s founders wanted their town to represent clean and sober living — the city continues the tradition today. Most believe this is a unique and vital part of Ocean City’s clean — family friendly image.


Ocean City New Jersey BoardwalkA delightful wooden 2.5 mile, all natural-open-air rejuvenation clinic. Each year hundreds of thousands of visitors travel near and far just to visit Ocean City’s Boardwalk. “The Boards” as their known offers a bevy of activity and entertainment. Wholesome Family Fun is exactly what it is. The boardwalk begins to buzz early in the morning  — just after sunrise with a multitude of joggers and bikers. The vibe continues through-out the day where the Boardwalk is the stage to take in the incredible ocean views and epic golden beach.

At night its electric.  The boardwalk offers endless opportunities to eat, shop, and of course — people watch, a favorite pass-time of many. From 6th to 14th Street you will find two family amusement parks, Wonderland Pier and Castaway Cove, Ocean City Boardwalkboth have boast large Ferris Wheels and rides for all levels of thrill seekers. As well, a dozen or so miniature golf parks are always family favorites mixing finesse and fantasy — and of course bragging rights to the champ!

Food Everywhere. This is no place to be on a diet. Some how the calorie equation becomes easily justifiable — because while you’re eating — you’re walking. Makes perfect sense right? You’re eating and exercising at the same time! So many to choose from. Standouts include Manco and Manco Pizza, Dels, Johnson’s Pop Corn, and the Fudge Kitchen.


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Ocean City Laughing GullThe island has 6 miles of beach and bay making an ideal habitat for the two main types of sea bird: the seagull aka the laughing gull — gray head and yellow beak — yes, the one that swoops in on your carmel corn! Also visible in large numbers is the less aggressive tern — tan head and black beak. Also prominent is the larger herring gulls. They typically keep their distance from people preferring to hunt in the wild rather than pilfer from humanity.

We know seagulls are very smart and agile. Who doesn’t have a peanut butter and jelly beach caper perpetrated by our familiar friend Mr. Seagull? In the aftermath — to add insult to injury, the shrill unmistakable laugh is at the hapless victim’s expense! It is a site to see when the seagull swoops in nabs a clam or mollusk, then drops them from a precise height onto a large hard flat object to crack them open, truly amazing.


Ocean City New Jersey Homes

Some of the finest homes anywhere on the East Coast can be found in Ocean City. Beachfront Palaces receive equal billing with the glorious ocean — giving pause to which dominates. The water-views command top billing and top dollar. But the diversity of the many Ocean City neighborhoods are spectacular as well. Lets explore!

Beachfront Homes and Condos inspire those who own them and those who admire them. Nothing says that you’ve made it than more than living seaside. Ocean City has  miles of beachfront — which equal 6 miles of some of the most luxurious and expensive real estate in New Jersey.

Bayfront Homes and Condos are high end but a bit more laid back. Watch the tide rise and fall all day long. Bay water laps against the narrow-creeky docks that secure an assortment of watercraft. Ocean City is truly a boaters delight. Sit back and enjoy all of natures abundance, the crabs, the gulls, the breeze, and awe inspiring sunsets.

The Riviera in Ocean City Homes and Condos A Bayfront sub-section of truly amazing homes, some on canals, some on the open bay. A favorite of boaters, especially yachtsman. On an island almost at sea level, the Riviera has the highest ground elevations — giving property owners the edge in inclement weather. All single family homes here, no condos or multi-family. The Riviera runs along the bay from 9th Street to the Ocean City Golf Course and Ocean City Airport.

The Gardens in Ocean City Homes and Condos are a collection of some of the most eclectic properties on the island. A hallmark of The Gardens are large lots, historic estates, and epic ocean and bay views at many locations — as well as spectacular views across the Great Egg Harbor Inlet featuring Longport and the Atlantic City skyline.  The streets are curvaceous and wind through homes with manicured landscapes and classic weathered gray cedar shakes. A favorite of the locals, real estate here is some of the most sought after and prestigious in Ocean City.

The Ocean City North End Homes and Condos can offer many opportunities to break into the Ocean City market. Prices begin in the 200’s and ascend all the way to the high end. The North End runs from The Gardens to the north to about where Ocean City High School is situated. A wide variety of condos, single family homes, year round residents, and weekly multi-family rentals.

The Gold Coast of Ocean City Homes and Condos showcase the finest in shore architecture, sophistication, and style. From the pastel exteriors, to the proud displays of nautical and American flags —  and the the whimsy of fanciful landscape designs with artsy focal point “finds” — the Gold Coast has it all. Home to some of the largest beachfront properties, the Gold Coast spans from 23rd street to about 28th street. Wake up and feel uplifted just by being in this environment. Imagine living here. Its like living in a different world — the one where you feel like you have officially  “arrived”. Truly a very special place.

The Bay Landings area of Ocean City Homes and Condos are located in proximity to Ocean City Airport and runs along the bay to about 32nd street.  The majority of the homes are zoned single family only. This allows for larger than average lots and more privacy.  The curvy streets create an unusual, but aesthetically pleasing property sight-lines. Many locals reside here — along with second home owners. Attractive and somewhat more affordable, the Bay Landings are always popular in Ocean City.

Merion Park Homes spans from about 34th Street southward to about 48th Street. Away from the hustle and bustle of the “Boards”, not as many summer rentals in this zone, most are primary residences for the locals. Some gorgeous bay views at Merion Park.

Ocean City South End Homes and Condos area starts south of the Gold Coast at about 35th Street and continues to 59th Street at the end of Ocean City. An enormous diversity of style and resident occupy here. Moving farther southward, the pace slows a bit making this area a favorite for beach-goers who like a more intimate setting. Homes here can range depending on location and condition from $300,000 to 1-2 million.

Ocean City OC Homes and OC Condos is the southernmost neighborhood in Ocean City. Beginning at or about 52nd Street and ranging to 55th Street and not far from the incredibly scenic Ocean Dive that leads to shore points south. Mostly single family homes with a cape cod design style. Some of the most affordable island real estate which makes it extremely desirable due to its closeness to the beach.

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It’s the Jersey Shore on display at its finest. The energy, opulence, and tradition of Ocean City are unmatched anywhere. Fabulous Fire Work displays, especially on the 4th of July and New Years Eve — always inspiring. Top Music Acts frequent the Ocean City Music Pier. World Class Fishing,  World Class Boardwalk and Amusements — all around. The posh Real Estate are legacy builders. All these make Ocean City a seaside resort that shines brighter, like a brilliant diamond,  a seaside oasis. Turn the feeling — the dream — into reality. You should live here — permanently! Utopia’s Calling!