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Williamstown High School

Williamstown High School


Start Your Williamstown Home Search Here!  Mon­roe Town­ship —  perhaps better known as the more casual Williamstown — is a favorite South Jersey Community. Williamstown has perfected the template for community success – a Township with a vision and plan for smart growth. The community leadership, past and present understands how to masterfully blend core community elements together. The recipe includes balancing area natural resources, economic growth, recreation, and education. Renowned for its rich com­mu­nity history, diverse satellite communities, churches, and dedication to community parks and memorials, Monroe Township is a standout.  Everything seems bigger and bolder in Williamstown — just take at look at the Public School Complex and adjacent Monroe Township Campus Park between Clayton and Tuckahoe Roads — its just fantastic!



Summer Fields West Williamstown

Summer Fields West

Gorgeous Lakefronts at Victory Lakes mixed with the curb and sidewalk of Forest Hills, Hunter Woods, Saddle Brook Farms shows Monroe Township’s diverse personality and flair. Newer entries into the new construction arena include the communities of Savona, Willow Woods, and Summerfields West. Edged lawns, pride of ownership, and the warmth of the neighborhood, Twelve Oaks, Ridings, and Glen Eyre do not disappoint.

Copied by many municipalities, but not duplicated, Williamstown has been South Jersey’s leader creating a profitable plan for sustained growth and economic prosperity — all with an eye on protecting the environment.


Church Street Sports Complex

Church Street Sports Complex

The areas devoted to athletics and exercise are not your average commitments.

Williamstown is “All In” in a big- big way! It is clear that the township has made a bold commitment to the health of the community — its a way of life in Monroe Township. From the moment you enter Monroe Township, its soccer fields, dozens of them, football fields, manicured softball-baseball diamonds. Even the fields built decades ago in top notch condition.

Just take a look at Earl E. Owens Memorial Park, recently renamed Monroe Township Campus Park, amenities include (Tot Lot, Baseball Fields, Tennis Courts, Hockey Court, Volleyball Court, 2 Beach Volleyball Courts, Basketball Court,

Monroe Sports Campus

Monroe Sports Campus

Football Field, Skate Park, Softball Field, 2 Picnic Gazebos, Nature Trail and a Snack Stand), truly a community that cares! Go there any day, its a place that’s always vibrant and fun just to walk. There’s lighted winding walk-ways, lined with dozens of flat black poles garnished with taught flags.  Every sport that you can think of is represented. Truly a remarkable place.

Other notable Parks: Marvin C. Wagner Memorial Park, Cecil Athletic Field , the Church Street Sports Complex, and Mary Mazza Duffy Memorial Park.



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At the core of every great community are its learning centers. Monroe Township has no shortage of fine educational facilities. Serviced by 4 Elementary Schools; Holly Glen Elementary School, Oak Knoll Elementary School, Radix Elementary School, and Whitehall Elementary School. Williamstown Middle and Williamstown High School offer students the best in faculty, technology, and facilities. Education Excellence here is everyday.

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First United Methodist Church Williamstown

First Methodist Church

At around 1720, Richard Penn recorded a deed to what is now Williamstown. This tract was subsequently trans­ferred to Israel Williams. The land was later divided into lots and farms and was sold. The earliest, non Native American residents settled circa 1730 on lands frequented by the Lenni-Lenape Indians. The Lenni-Lenape called the area Squankum which translated means — “Place of Evil Ghosts”. It is popular belief that the “Evil Ghosts” referred to the numer­ous mos­qui­toes found in the area low-lands.

The community evolved around logging, hunting, and agriculture. The first saw-mill was constructed in 1758 called the Whitehall Mill. By 1839, Squankum had grown with several busi­nesses, 40 dwellings, a number of cultivated farms, and a church. At that time a stagecoach route was established at Cross Keys and not long after a Post Office opened. The population began to swell. The need for a new Post Office arose. Further to the north, the name Squankum was assigned as a neighboring settlement.  The arrival of the new Williamstown Post Office gave rise to the community being designated as Williamstown. Thereafter the namesake.

Many churches followed as the populous began to swell. The First Methodist Church on Main Street Williamstown has the iconic steeple and stained glass, beautifully framed as you travel south bound down Poplar Street. Other houses of worship include:

Saint Mattehews    |   Open Bible Baptist Church    |    Saint Marks at the Crossing    |    Saint Johns Lutheran


Williamstown is sur­rounded by Cecil, Cross Keys, Downer, New Brook­lyn, Vic­tory Lakes, and Robanna.  Lit­tle is known of that part of Mon­roe Town­ship once called Robanna. As legend would have it, Robanna was named after Anna Robb. The name was reversed, the B dropped, and there you have it. Believed to be the area presently located in the vicinity of Tuckahoe Road and Clayton Road. There are no survey bound­aries show­ing its exis­tence. Most residents liv­ing there today are unaware that they may be Robannaians!


Veterans Memorial Cemetery Williamstown

Veterans Memorial Cemetery

To me, the Gloucester County Veterans Memorial Cemetery is one of the most important tracts in South Jersey.  Honored are our Veterans who fought for our freedom. Its serene beauty stirs powerful emotions.

Whenever in Williamstown, I recommend a quick visit. Impactful everyday, it is especially moving on days when the wind is whipping up a bit — just listening to the dozens of flags rippling and gazing over the vista unleashes prideful reflection and gratitude.