Why Sell With Us?

When it comes to Real Estate marketing there are small differences that make all the difference when selling your home.

Why does one full time agent sell 10 homes a year and another sells 100 or more?

Is the top producer 10 times smarter? 10 times more aggressive? Have 10 times more hours in the day?

NO! The difference is that the top producer is 10 times more ambitious in creating success systems that work to get homes sold faster and at maximum market value. Top Producers spend a lot of time in perfecting small, seemingly insignificant nuances that are impactful to the sale. Some examples are:

  • They just move faster than the rest, but they do it with a comfortable ease — unhurried, completely confident and in control.
  • They can tell you the truth. Top Producers are so active in the market that they are really interviewing you. A prolific agent will not list property if the sellers pricing is not what the market will bear. They understand no amount of marketing energy will move an out of range priced property. Small producers will take any listing at unrealistic prices, just to get any exposure in the market. Overpriced listings are obvious by the number of days they have been on the market. This situation causes lower sales prices because the extended time on the market. The property becomes stale and the anxiety level between agent and seller rises. Top Producers know better, they will no take your listing if they believe the market will not support it — but they will always leave the door open knowing that chances are they will get a call 6 months down the road to list the property at the pricing they presented at the very first meeting.
  • Top producers have assistants to help run their systems which leads to exponentially higher sales.
  • They have a reputation for just being able to get it done. They know everyone and they know the market.
  • The marketing is very similar to what everyone else does, buy do it just a little bit better. The MLS pictures are professionally done (you can tell the difference immediately!) Top Producers take a little extra time in the beginning of the listing in making sure the pictures and remarks are perfect. If the pictures and remarks are not right, you as the seller are leaving thousands of dollars on the table. The top agents know this and take the time to market the right way.
  • Top Producers do not do open houses. Top Agents know that there is no correlation between number of houses sold and number of open houses conducted. They know the number of homes sold is dependent on the number of qualified buyers in the market at any given time. Any serious buyer will have agent representation and pre-qualification (financing) elements completed and will make an appointment to view your property exclusively. Open houses cheapen (takes away the aura, the exclusivity) of the house by allowing all unqualified buyers and you neighbors who already own a home to view your home. Top Agents know that the national average of actually selling a home from an open house is less than 2%. Time is money and that precious time is poorly utilized at open houses. The reality is that 95% of all home searches begin on-line, your home is open 24/7 everyday.
  • They just know how to negotiate better. Small nuances in structuring the negotiation can mean thousands and thousands of net dollars in the sellers pocket. How its said and when its said is not left to chance by the pro. They think down the chess board of the negotiation, before the negotiation begins. A novice will fly by the seat of their pants costing their clients dearly.
  • Top Producers have the top vendors at their behest. Because they do so much business with these key people and companies (Title Companies, Water Testing Companies, Electricians, General Contractors, and the Local Municipalities and dozens more) the top agents get it done faster and less expensively due to economies of scale.
  • They have a reputation of success and have mega-credibility just walking in the door. That mega-credibility follows them throughout the market. This leverage is worth thousands to the sellers fortunate enough to hire them.

The market rewards the top talent. Top Talent has more signage, more sales, more credibility, and are always in the real estate conversation before the conversation comes up. Use our talent and expertise. Get maximum returns.

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